What Is The Code For MTN Bonus?

How do I get MTN airtime bonus?

Firstly, buy a new sim card and then activate the MTN StartPack tariff plan by recharging your line with any airtime value by dialing *555*PIN# and you will be given 700% bonus immediately which will be credited on your line.

To receive the 700% bonus, just recharge by dialing *555*the recharge PIN#..

How can I get 200 bonus on MTN?

To start enjoying the benefits of MTN Awuf4u recharge plan simply recharge by dialing *888*PIN#, you get 200% or 300% bonus airtime to make calls, browse and send SMS.

How do I load MTN?

Dial *136*(voucher number)*(cellphone number to be recharged)# to recharge airtime for someone else on MTN PayAsYouGo or My MTNChoice Flexi. Dial *136*2#, select ‘Xtra Time’ and follow the prompts to get airtime up to R50 now and pay for it the next time you recharge.

How do I get MTN WOW bonus?

Simply: Recharge with MTN airtime in store. Dial *136*2*1# to buy an MTN WOW Bundle.

What is MTN bonus?

MTN Welcome Back is an offer that rewards customers, that have spent 30 – 180 days on the network without performing any chargeable activity, with a recharge data bonus of equal value of the recharge and a recharge voice bonus at 6 times the recharge value.

How can I get free data on MTN?

MTN is offering free 500MB when you dial *449*2# or *449*1# irrespective whether you are using the myMTN app or not. The moment you dial the above code, you will be given your free 500MB. For those eligible for this free offer. In a flash of light, you can get a message from MTN “Congratulations!

How can I be eligible for MTN 200 for 1gb?

These are the steps required to activate the 1GB for 200 Naira MTN data plan.You need to have a minimum of ₦200 airtime on the MTN simcard to be used for the data subscription.You dial the code *131*65# is to be dialed; and.

Which MTN plan is the best?

Best mtn tariff plans for callsMTN XtraSpecial. … MTN BetaTalk. … MTN TruTalk+ … MTN Pulse. … MTN Zone. … MTN Supersaver Plus. … MTN AWUF4U. If you need to find a tariff plan that doubles your airtime upon recharge, then you just need to get MTN AWUF4U. … MTN XtraValue. XtraValue bundles provide you with a great range of various options from N300 to N20,000.More items…•

What is * 888 * Used for in MTN?

Simple, just recharge using the *888*Recharge PIN#, VTU or other eligible channels. As soon as your recharge is successful, the full face value of the recharge and airtime bonus will be credited in your Awuf4U account.

How do I activate MTN YafunYafun?

MTN Yafun Yafun is a default MTN Tariff plan. To get started on MTN YafunYafun SIM offer, you can buy a new SIM, register and activate it and start using the Tariff plan. To receive the 700% bonus, just recharge by dialing *555*the recharge PIN#. After recharging, you will receive 700% bonus on that recharge.

How do I check my MTN bonus code?

If you have a bonus on your MTN data, you can use this MTN code to check your data balance: *559*65# – just dial it, and you will receive the detailed information about all the extras on your account. This is how you regularly check MTN data bonus balance.

How do I convert my bonus airtime to cash?

Easy steps on how to quickly convert airtime to cash.Register or login using aimtoget app or web.Go to “Fund wallet” select airtime option.Select Network, input Amount and Phone number you are transferring from.Transfer the airtime to the displayed number.And lastly, Confirm transfer.

How do I get 100% data bonus on MTN?

A. Simply send 2 to 131 via SMS or dial *131*4# on your phone….MTN 4GFree 10GB upon upgrade to 4G SIM valid for 7 days.100% bonus on every N500 to N5000 data bundles purchased from month 1 to month 3 after upgrading SIM to 4G.25% bonus on all data bundles purchased from month 4 to month 6 after upgrading to 4G.

How can I get Mtn 10gb?

HOW TO GET FREE 10GB DATA AFTER UPGRADING YOUR MTN SIM TO 4G:After completing the upgrading process, just insert your SIM in a 4G enabled phone.Send an SMS with the word “4G” to 131. Or simple send 4G to 131 using your text message.Your SIM/line will be loaded or credited with FREE 10GB data.

How do I check my MTN 888 bonus?

To check your Awuf balance, simply dial *559*14#. Please note that you can migrate to any other plan while you still have the 888 Awuf balance and the balance will not be wiped out. And also, you can still continue to make calls and send SMS even if you have changed your tariff plan.