Quick Answer: What Does The Term Myocardiogram Mean?

What is inflammation of the heart muscle called?

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle.

Pericarditis is inflammation of the tissue that forms a sac around the heart.

Many things cause heart inflammation.

Common causes include viral or bacterial infections and medical conditions that damage the heart and cause inflammation..

Is pulmonary and respiratory the same thing?

It is also known as respirology, respiratory medicine, or chest medicine in some countries and areas. Pulmonology is considered a branch of internal medicine, and is related to intensive care medicine. Pulmonology often involves managing patients who need life support and mechanical ventilation.

Which organ does the term Pulmon refer to?

The word pulmonary means “pertaining to the lungs.” It is derived from the Latin root word pulmo, which means lung. If someone has pulmonary disease, this means they have a lung disease, and that may affect their ability to breathe well.

What Ortho means?

Ortho is a Greek prefix meaning “straight”, “upright”, “right” or “correct”. Ortho may refer to: In science. arene substitution patterns, two substituents that occupy adjacent positions on an aromatic ring. Chlordane, an organochlorine compound that was used as a pesticide.

What is the peri?

Definition for peri (3 of 3) a prefix meaning “about” or “around” (perimeter, periscope), “enclosing” or “surrounding” (pericardium), and “near” (perigee, perihelion), appearing in loanwords from Greek (peripeteia); on this model, used in the formation of compound words (perimorph).

What is the correct spelling of the term meaning inflammation of the heart?

What is the correct spelling of the term meaning inflammation of the heart? carditis. What does the prefix in the term dysfunction mean? painful, difficult, abnormal. Nephrology means the study of what?

What does Spizzerinctum mean?

Definition of spizzerinctum. : the will to succeed : vim, energy, ambition.

What is the combining form in the term osteology?

cardi/o. combining form of: osteology. oste/o. combining form of: hepatopathy. hepat/o.

What does the suffix in the word pulmonary mean?

R/ pulmon – lung. suffix – ary means pertaining to or relating to. pulmonary means pertaining to the lung. pulmonary circulation. passage of the blood through the lungs.

Which combining form means to cut?

The combining form “cis/o” means. to cut.

What does Malacia mean?

Malacia is abnormal softening of a biological tissue, most often cartilage. Usually the combining form -malacia suffixed to another combining form that denotes the affected tissue assigns a more specific name to each such disorder, as follows: Osteomalacia (rickets), a bone disorder from vitamin D deficiency.

What is another name for lungs?

What is another word for lung?bronchialchestpleuralrespiratorythoracictrachealtubercularbreathingrespirational