Quick Answer: How Old Do I Have To Be To Do Amazon Flex?

Does Amazon Flex deliver at night?

Apart from driving safely, you must also be alert and be smart while you are out on foot delivering your packages from your car.

For these reasons outlined above, driving for Amazon Flex during nighttime hours is generally not recommended..

How long is Amazon Flex waitlist?

If it’s been longer than 5 days, contact Amazon Flex support. Keep checking the Flex app for updates. Once your background check is successfully completed and your application is accepted, you will get a message from Amazon that says “Welcome to Amazon Flex.

Can someone ride with you Amazon Flex?

As some pickups and deliveries may take you away from your vehicle for long periods of time, bringing passengers or pets, except for service animals, when delivering with Amazon Flex may not be a good idea. Note that Amazon’s commercial insurance will not cover any passengers in your vehicle in case of an accident.

What are the requirements for Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex delivery driver requirementsYou must be 21 years old or older.Have a social security number.Pass a background check.Have access to a qualifying vehicle: 4-door sedan, pickup truck, or van.Valid driver’s license.Show proof of auto insurance.More items…•

How do I start Amazon Flex?

Sign up for Amazon Flex using your existing Amazon account or by creating a new Amazon account. Select a service area where you will pick up and deliver Amazon packages. Provide tax and payment details. Review our videos to learn best practices for delivering with Amazon.

How many Amazon flex blocks can you do in a day?

9The daily limit is currently 9. Please remove the limit or raise to 10. Most blocks are 3 or 4 hours. If you work a 4 hour block it is difficult to reach the limit of 9.

Does Amazon flex pay good?

Most delivery partners earn $18 – $25 per hour delivering with Amazon Flex. Actual earnings will depend on your location, any tips you receive, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries, and other factors. … You can track your pay on the Earnings screen of the Amazon Flex app.

Where does Amazon Flex operate?

Amazon has rolled out Flex in more than 50 cities, including New York; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Memphis, Tennessee.

How old do u have to be to do Amazon Flex?

at least 21 years oldTo drive for Amazon Flex, you must meet the following eligibility requirements: Be at least 21 years old.

Can you do Amazon flex with kids?

3 answers. Yes, but use good judgement because your child will not be able to get out of your car at the warehouse or while delivering packages.

How much money do you make with Amazon Flex?

Amazon advertises that drivers make $18 to $25 an hour. Flex drivers are responsible for their own vehicle costs like gas, tolls and maintenance. Depending on how long a block actually takes to deliver, drivers said the jobs are not always worthwhile.