Quick Answer: How Much Is The Original Darth Vader Toy Worth?

What is the most valuable action figure?

The most valuable action figure of all time is this 1963 prototype G.I.


Handmade by series creator Don Levine, he sold for auction in 2009 for $200,000..

Which Star Wars cards are valuable?

While some adults successfully complained and campaigned to have C-3PO fixed, #207 is the most valuable and talked about card on the 1977 Topps Star Wars checklist. And even though the “obscene” version is the more common of the two, it’s the one that more people covet.

How much is Chewbacca worth?

Peter MayhewNet Worth:$5 MillionGender:MaleHeight:7 ft 4 in (2.26 m)Profession:Actor, Comedian, BusinesspersonNationality:England2 more rows

What is Boba Fett Prototype?

‘Meet Boba Fett’ In 1978 Joe Johnston designed an early prototype of the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett, for Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. The original ‘Supertrooper’ design featured striking all-white armor and the first prototypes of Fett’s trademark weapons.

How much is the original Millennium Falcon worth?

According to Bellomo, a vintage Kenner Falcon with all of its parts and working electronics can run from anywhere between $140 and $220, depending on the coloration of the outer shell (they tend to brown over time.) If you’ve got everything in the original box, the price can jump to $300-450.

What is the most valuable Star Wars collectible?

6 of the Most Expensive Pieces of Star Wars MemorabiliaGeorge Lucas’ Episode IV Panavision Camera ($625,000)Miniature Episode IV TIE fighter ($402,400) … Episode V snowtrooper helmet ($276,750) … Luke Skywalker’s Episode IV lightsaber ($240,000) … Chewbacca film-ready head ($172,200) … Jawa figure with vinyl cape ($16,500) …

How much are my Star Wars figures worth?

The average retail value for a common Star Wars action figure is $2 to $5. The average loose vintage figure is worth $10 to $20. Sealed Star Wars action figures produced between 1977 and 1985 are worth between $100 and $200, but some are worth up to $1,000, $10,000 or more.

Why are Star Wars toys so expensive?

Even the new toys carry a high price tag. Why are Star Wars toys so expensive? The success of the Star Wars franchise is undoubtedly the reason for the price tag on Star Wars toys and figurines and the fact that most toys were produced in limited numbers.

What is the most rare Lego?

So take a look at these sets and see if you have any of them sitting in the attic.#10179 LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon. … #10189 LEGO Taj Mahal, First Edition. … #6080 LEGO King’s Castle. … #10030 LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Imperial Star Destroyer. … #6399 LEGO Airport Shuttle. … #10190 LEGO Market Street.More items…•

How many Rocket Firing Boba Fett exist?

The Boba Fett rocket firing action figure was produced in 1979, and according to Hake’s only 80-100 prototypes of the fully-painted J-slot figure were shipped to Kenner for testing. Of those, less than 30 are believed to exist now, and some of them are in bad shape due to testing they underwent.

How much is Yoda worth?

Even Yoda loves a good Broadway musical If you’ve still got your little Yoda, unironically spouting his love for the city that never sleeps,, in his tiny plastic bag, you can sell him at auction for as much as $450.

How do I sell Star Wars collectibles?

Best Places To Sell Star Wars CollectiblesYou Could Sell On eBay. When people think about selling their collectibles, they usually think about selling on eBay first. … You Could Sell To A Local Store. … You Could Sell To Another Collector Directly. … You Could Sell To Neatstuff Collectibles.

What are the most valuable Star Wars figures?

The Most Expensive Star Wars Toys of 14. Boba “Rocket” Fett (1979) … of 14. Obi-Wan Kenobi with Double-Telescoping Lightsaber (1978) … of 14. Brazilian Glasslite Vlix Figure (1988) … of 14. Vinyl Cape Jawa (1978) … of 14. Luke Skywalker with Double-Telescoping Lightsaber (1978) … of 14. Boba Fett (1979) … of 14. … of 14.More items…•

Is it Boba Fett or Boba Fett?

Other: Boba Fett (/ˌboʊbə ˈfɛt/) is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. He is a bounty hunter wearing Mandalorian armor, who started his career during the Clone Wars, but was most notably active during the Galactic Empire era, during which he became one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy.

What is the rarest Star Wars figure?

small head” Han SoloThe “small head” Han Solo is one of the rarest variants of any original Star Wars figure, and one of the most valuable. Even out of their packaging, they can fetch hundreds of dollars. Price at last look: About: $100.

How much is a Rocket Firing Boba Fett worth?

This J-slot rocket-firing Boba Fett sold at Hake’s of York, Pennsylvania at $157,500 ($185,850 including buyer’s premium) against a $200,000-$500,000 estimate.

How much is Luke Skywalker Lightsaber worth?

Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber Sold For $450,000 to Ripley. The prop may have gone for some big bucks, but that isn’t even close to being the biggest ‘Star Wars’ item auctioned off during the week.