Quick Answer: Can I Choose My FTA Channels?

What is FTA basic pack?

The FTA Basic pack is a zero-cost plan, offers 100 channels.

Subscribers can pay on a per-channel basis as well..

Which satellite has most free channels?

Currently, the best free-to-air satellite package in Nigeria is Nigcomsat 1R42. 5e. The reasons is because it has the most exciting channels list.

Can I choose 100 free channels?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has clarified (pdf) that the consumers have the option to choose a-la-carte free to air channels OR Pay channels OR bouquet of pay channels or any combination within the desired 100 SD channels, within the network capacity fee of maximum Rs 130.

How do I select a channel pack?

As soon as you select a TV channel, the channel count and total price will be updated at the top-right corner. You can select pay channels, FTA channels or channel bouquet (packs) using the top menubar given on the page. Once you select desired channels, click on “View Selection” button.

How do I select a free channel?

How to use TRAI Channel Selector Application?Go to TRAI Channel Selector website.Click on get started.Enter your name (optional)Select your state (optional)Select your language (optional) ( a user can select one or more language)Select Genre of your interest (optional) (news, music, sports, etc)More items…•

How many FTA channels are there?

600 FTA channelsThere are more than 600 FTA channels at present.

Why are FTA channels charged?

As a result, the distributors may charge fee to distribute free-to-air channels, but can’t mix them with the paid channels. … Moreover, the network capacity price of a channel cannot be more than the retail broadcast price of the channel, excluding taxes.

How can I watch FTA channels for free?

You can use the free-to-air set-top box to connect with this antenna to receive FTA channels. Well, if you are already DD Free dish user, then you can tune DD Free dish free-to-air TV channels, also you can try to tune other KU-band satellite for adding more FTA channels in this list.

Which satellite has the most FTA channels?

EutelsatWith over 2,200 channels available free-to-air, Eutelsat is the satellite company broadcasting the highest number of subscription-free channels.

Can I remove FTA channels?

Subscribers will only be charged the price of pay channels in addition to the network capacity. … If, however, a person does not want to remove FTA channels from basic service tier but wants to further add pay channels, the person would have to pay for the channels as well as additional network capacity fee.

How many free channels can be selected?

To get started, subscribers need to have in place what is known as a channel base pack. This will include 100 free-to-air channels and will be priced at Rs130 plus taxes. As per the channel selector, you can pick the free-to-air SD and HD channels, though the latter are counted as two SD channels instead.