Question: How Do I Get BritBox?

Can you get BritBox on Netflix?

Britbox launched quietly in the UK on 7 November 2019.

It went live in the US back in 2017, and has 650,000 subscribers in North America.

Britbox is available to use on phones, tablets and computers as well as Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku..

Can I watch BritBox on Amazon Prime?

BritBox, the SVOD service from the BBC and ITV focused on British television, is expanding its reach with entry on Amazon Channels, an aggregated offering of subscription OTT services available to Amazon Prime members. Both online avenues offer a seven-day free trial to the service. …

What can I watch BritBox on?

Britbox is available online, via iOS and Android apps, as well as Samsung smart TVs and Apple TV+. It is set to be available on Freeview Play and YouView later this year.

What channel is BritBox on?

Channel 4BritBox will bring All 4 to the service in Spring 2020, with new series being available 31 days following transmission of the last episode on Channel 4.

How do I get BritBox on my TV?

Samsung Smart TVsFollow Samsung’s instructions to download an app to your TV. … Open the BritBox app. … You’ll be prompted to complete your login or register for a new account from your web browser.Once complete, your TV screen will refresh and you’ll be in the BritBox app.

How does BritBox work on Amazon Prime?

To bring the best British telly to all its fans in the most convenient manner, you can choose to add on a BritBox subscription through Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV app. … You’ll only be able to watch in either Amazon Prime Video or in the Apple TV app, and not at or in our apps.

How do I sign up for BritBox on Amazon Prime?

How to Sign Up for BritBox on Amazon. It’s easy! Simply go here and you can start your 7-day free trial. After the initial trial period, you’ll be billed the same monthly rate you’d pay if you signed up on ($6.99/month as of 5/31/2018).

Can I get BritBox on Sky?

BritBox, the online video subscription service led by ITV and the BBC, has agreed partnerships with fellow broadcasters Channel 4 and Channel 5, but has yet to do a distribution deal with Sky. … Sky has, however, agreed to host the BBC iPlayer on its platform.

Is BritBox any good?

GHI expert verdict If you love binging on classic British box sets, then BritBox is worth considering. It’s simple to use, the films start playing quickly, and it has an impressive choice of TV shows. There are many multigenerational favourites, with shows spanning from the 1980s to present day.

How do I get a BritBox in the UK?

You can only get BritBox on your TV in the UK if it’s a Samsung Smart TV. So, provided you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can then get BritBox by pressing the Smart Hub button on your TV remote and selecting Apps.