Question: Can HomePod Be Used As A TV Speaker?

Is Apple discontinuing the HomePod?

Apple products rarely see official price drops after release, but the company today cut the MSRP of its HomePod smart speaker.

iPod Hi-Fi, the company’s last $349 speaker, was abruptly discontinued and yanked from Apple’s stores only a year and a half after release..

Is it worth buying a HomePod?

Apple’s HomePod is the best-sounding wireless smart speaker available, and you can control it by voice using Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri. But the HomePod is worth considering only if you’re an iPhone owner and a subscriber to Apple Music (or are willing to be)—don’t buy it if you want to keep streaming Spotify.

How good does the HomePod sound?

The good Apple’s $349 HomePod has excellent bass and consistently superior sound quality across a wide variety of music genres. The speaker is easy to set up and Siri can hear you from across a room. The bad You’re stuck with Apple-only audio services when using voice commands and the HomePod only works on iOS.

How do I use HomePod as Apple TV speaker?

How to Use Your HomePod as a Speaker for Your Apple TVOpen the Settings app on the Apple TV.Scroll down to the Video and Audio section and select it.Choose “Audio Output.”Select the HomePod icon from the list of available devices.

Can my HomePod control my Apple TV?

You can control more than just the audio volume of your Apple TV with your HomePod. You can control pause/play, and skip ahead, too! … You may not be able to ask Siri to start playing a movie for you, but you can ask it to pause, play, skip ahead, and skip back when you’re watching something on your Apple TV.

Can you use a TV as a speaker?

For just audio you could use a 3.5mm stereo plug in your headphone jack to dual RCA male on one of the TV’s unused composite or SVHS or component inputs. … For just audio you could use a 3.5mm stereo plug in your headphone jack to dual RCA male on one of the TV’s unused composite or SVHS or component inputs.

How do I use HomePod as a speaker?

How to set up HomePodTurn on the HomePod and wait for the light to glow on the top.Put your iPhone or iPad near the HomePod.Tap Set Up.Set which room the HomePod is going to be.Choose whether or not to Enable Personal Requests. … Agree to transfer your iCloud account, Wi-Fi and other HomeKit settings over to the speaker.More items…•

Can Apple HomePod play TV sound?

Once the Apple TV is paired with the HomePod, TV sound will be routed through your HomePod instead of through your TV. Using the HomePod’s physical controls, you can change the volume of the Apple TV, or you can ask Siri to do so. You can also play/pause content through the top of the HomePod or through Siri.

Can HomePod be used for surround sound?

As expected, HomePod is not a replacement for a surround sound system, nor is it marketed as such. Users can purchase an entry-level dedicated surround system, or a very good soundbar with Atmos support, for the price of two HomePods.

How can I make my HomePod sound better?

If for some reason you aren’t happy with the sound your speaker is creating, pick up the HomePod, lift it in the air, and replace it where you want the speaker to go. This should automatically force the speaker to calibrate the sound again – something that takes seconds, and the audio should be improved.

Can I use HomePod without WIFI?

You cannot set up the HomePod without access to Wi-Fi and the Internet. Once configured it is possible to AirPlay from an iOS device to HomePod over an ad hoc connection that doesn’t need an additional Wi-Fi access point. See the Change AirPlay settings section of Change settings for HomePod – Apple Support.